Welcome to Omnitrans AB. We are a Swedish haulier company, focused on delivering major shipments of merchandise to our customers. Our mission is to find the best route for your shipment. It is of great importance to our team that you as a customer receive highest possible quality. We will do everything we can to make sure that you will be satisfied with our services. No matter what requirements you have as a customer, we can work together to develop the most suitable solution for your needs. We undertake shipments not only throughout Sweden. We can offer international shipments to countries within the EU as well. We work continuously with shipments between Sweden and Greece.

About us

Omnitrans AB has a experience of working with transport and shipments since 1988. Omnitrans is stationed in the Öresund region and we offer transport, both foreign and domestic. Our services are customised for the different needs from companies that hire us for transport. Because of this, we can offer our customers cost-effective and fast solutions. We are also very environmentally conscious, Which contributes both to the reduction of costs and the least possible emissions and environmental impact. Our fleet at Omnitrans consists of modern trucks with EURO class 6. Omnitrans have invested in premium trucks wich contributes to the best possible environmental impact and comfort for our employees.


  • Trailer- & containertransports
  • Full loads and groupage
  • Hazardous cargo
  • Express transport
  • Wide loads
  • Storage
  • Reloading your cargo
Within these market areas, we offer a product mix which is contantly adapting to the needs of the modern world


We are specialized in domestic shipments and have years of experience in the business. Our staff consists of drivers with contractual wages, the correct insurances, stable working conditions such as the right amount of rest in-between the missions. This way we can guarantee the arrival of your goods in a safe and correct way so that you can focus on what´s important for Your company.


We offer safe and environmentally conscious shipments within the EU. We are specialized in shipments to and from Greece. Please contact us and we will find a good solution especially for you and your company

Contact us

Omnitrans AB
Tegelvägen 5-7
232 54, Åkarp
Tel: +4610-01750360
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